Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Shawn Eiferman, Canyons Estates Homeowners

Living in Las Vegas is a family tradition for Shawn Eiferman. His father George came here more than 50 years ago. Holding the titles of both Mr. Universe and Mr. America, George Eiferman was a fitness ambassador in Las Vegas, opening gyms and talking the need for fitness and healthy eating long before it was trendy.
Having grown up here -with memories of a new-to-America Arnold Schwarzenegger sleeping on the gym's trampoline - Shawn Eiferman knows the city better than most. A musician, songwriter and entrepreneur, he lives with his son Vaughn, daughter Danielle and his entertainer/entrepreneur girlfriend Dianne Bizzaro in the Distinctive Homes of Las Vegas community of Canyons Estates for very specific reasons...
"First," he says, "it was location, location, location. Then, the casita allows us to have a rec room for the kids so, when I need to use the house fo my home-based business, they still have a place to play and, to work, I don't have to be ejected from my own house.
"Then, I love the 18,000-foot lot. That's a real rarity here in Las Vegas. It's beautiful and, finally, this is an excellent time to buy a house."
Eiferman also notes that the amenities that come with the home are very attractive. He specifically cited "the phenomenal storage. There's a space under the stairwell - we call it the 'Harry Potter room' - where I have 30 guitar cases. The floor plan is also phenomenal. It allows us to have a fully equipped home theater.
"I had put a down payment on a one-story home because I thought I'd prefer that. But, when I saw this I was sold. It has a million dollar postcard view of the strip. I could charge admission to our parties."
A believer in the Green lifestyle, Eiferman says he's looking forward to his first energy bill. He uses solar power for the pool and the Jacuzzi® he's installed. To achieve the energy savings, Distinctive Homes employs a variety of products. One of these is Cocoon® thermal insulation, designed to embrace the home in, literally, a "cocoon" of safety - it's Class 1 fire rated because it increases a wall's fire resistance up to 55 percent - and comfort. It blocks both air infiltration and convection currents to increase energy efficiency and reduces nuisance noise while it preserves natural resources, as it is made from nearly 80 percent recycled paper. The home also features large Low-E vinyl windows.
All of the appliances are Energy Star® products, as the company has been an Energy Star builder since the inception of that program 16 years ago.
"Our Jenn-Air; kitchen design," Eiferman reports, "especially the openness of it and the appliances were the reason my friend Jeff Pappas, the consultant for the soon to open Good Vibrations, Beach Boys-themed restaurant up on the Strip, brought the executive chef and the executive team. They used it as a test kitchen for all menu items and then, because of the openness and the great light, used it as a photo studio. All the photos of the food that will be used on the menu were shot there."
Asked how it was to work with the Distinctive Homes team before he moved in, Eiferman is effusive in his praise.
"Shasta, the salesperson, quickly became part relative you love when they come to visit, part cartoon character because she doesn't mess around. She was so much fun to deal with, but there was never an 'i' undotted or a 't' uncrossed.
"They don't mess around. They get it done and they're great to work with."
Now settled in, the family is enjoying their new home. Eiferman adds, "In addition to the great location, it's a great neighborhood. There's a good bunch of kids here, so my children are happy.
"It was a good decision to move here."
Shawn Eiferman, Canyons Estates Homeowners 

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